PRE-OP: Preparing for your surgery

Your surgical journey will start after you and one of the highly skilled total joint surgeons at UNOVA Hip and Knee Center have exhausted all the appropriate conservative measures to address your hip arthritis. At this time, you will undergo a pre-surgical evaluation to determine how best to optimize you for your surgery. Your primary care physician and your specialists will work diligently with the UNOVA Hip and Knee Center team to get you to your optimal medical condition. Occasionally testing will indicate a potential problem that may delay surgery while it is evaluated and addressed.

At UNOVA Hip & Knee Center, although we believe every patient is unique, there are a few HARD STOP RULES that we must abide by before we can undertake your surgery. These rules exist to ensure your safety and to give us the best opportunity to help you achieve your desired outcome with the lowest possible chance of encountering a complication. The Parameters Linked to Hard Stops Are Non-Negotiable.
There are a few general health issues and medical conditions that give us greater concern and as such these must be dealt with prior to your being scheduled for surgery.

Before we get into specific medical conditions, as a patient, you must understand that YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN. As such any break in the skin with a surrounding blanching red area at the time of your surgery will constitute grounds for postponement of your surgery. Avoid any work in the garden or outdoors that may cause cuts or punctures of the skin. Any evidence of infection in any system in your body at the time of your surgery will also be grounds for postponement of your surgery. The two most common culprits are dental and urinary tract infections.

Dental Issues such as painful teeth or excessively bleeding gums to the attention of the Hip and Knee Center team. All must be fully resolved prior to surgical scheduling.

Urinary Tract Infection symptoms, such as discomfort or burning during urination, increased frequency of urination or malodorous urine must also be brought to the attention of the Hip and Knee Center team. ALL SYMPTOMATIC patients will undergo a screening urinalysis and, if positive, a urine culture. You will begin a five-day treatment plan and be rescreened two days after its completion.

Please complete tending to any dental issues at least six weeks prior to your surgical date. THESE TWO ISSUES CONSTITUTE HARD STOPS!!

Please review the following three videos for information regarding the action steps you will have to take prior to your surgery




We recommend that you set up appointments to see any specialists caring for you, such as cardiologists, pulmonologists, hematologists/oncologists, as soon as you and your surgeon make the decision to undergo surgery. Our surgery scheduler will help facilitate this. This guarantees to the best of our ability that your primary care physician will have the specialist’s clearances when he or she sees you.

Now let’s get on to more specifics. Below you will find a series of write-ups and videos on specific medical conditions that can impact your surgical preparation:

General Well-Being

Pre-Op Pain Tolerance



Pulmonary/Lung Disease

Renal/Kidney Disease

Cardiac/Heart Disease

Hematology/Blood Disease


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